Omega Tau Sigma encourages and fosters the development of well-rounded, ethical veterinarians and through them creates a better profession on the basis of friendship, cooperation, and respect for their fellow professional.

OTS imparts to its members a desire to serve faithfully and zealously the varied needs of our animal kingdom and inspires these members with the fact that the knowledge of the job well done and the regard of clientele and colleagues far surpasses financial gain.

OTS gives aspiring young veterinary students a chance to analytically survey the veterinary profession to ensure their best talents will be utilized in this profession before they have invested their valuable assets, youth, time, and ambition in the pursuance of an occupation that might leave their best talents dormant.

OTS instills the principles of honesty, morality, resourcefulness, and fraternal love in all its members and, last but not least, gives these young embryonic veterinarians a chance to learn the much valued trait of living happily with a group for the mutual benefit of all.

A letter from your new president: Let’s start the conversation . . .

Dear Oaties:

I am writing this year-end message to encourage your support of our great organization. If you are like me, the time you spent in Omega Tau Sigma as an active member was some of the best you had as a veterinary student. Also, most of my really good friends from vet school are OTS members, either from Kappa Chapter or other chapters I met during Grand Council. At the time of my graduation in 2010, I had hoped I’d be able to give back to an organization that helped encourage my growth as a well-rounded veterinarian, and now I’m the newly elected Grand Council president.

This year at Grand Council, two topics that kept coming up were how to encourage alumni support and how to help active members connect with alumni for networking. Obviously, some of this will fall on individual chapters to do some legwork and invite alumni back for CE, Homecoming, or state VMA meetings. It is my hope that I can encourage your involvement as well. I have grand visions of Grand Council being a self-sustaining trust that has the ability to give scholarships to more of our members and to continue to promote the development of the best veterinarians in the world.

Did you realize that there are nearly 10,000 OTS alumni? I didn’t—until Grand Council this past year. This doesn’t include the members whom we’ve lost track of. We, as members of Omega Tau Sigma, make up 10 percent of veterinarians.

Many of you who want to support OTS but don’t know how. Imagine if each of our members gave $10, or even $100, once a year. We would have an organization that would be able to provide unprecedented support services to actives and alumni alike. That’s a goal I’d love to reach!

I want to keep this letter brief; I well know as a practicing veterinarian that our free time is limited. So, to sum it up: please donate to help support this great organization. Please contact me if you have ideas or questions—or if you want to be involved. The Grand Council executive board would love to put together an advisory board in the future to help, and if we are able to raise the funds, we will need the help. I am excited about what our alumni can do to help support OTS and for what we can do to help support all members.

Please “give back” to OTS by supporting us this year—and in the years to come.


Seth Vredenburg
Kappa ’10

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Congratulations to the 2014 Grand Council chapter award winners

Fitzgerald Most Improved: Theta

Donahue Sustained Excellence: Beta

Vesper Award for Community Service: Pi & Lambda

Attendance: Omicron

Gonzo Award: Omicron

John C Gordon Award of Excellence:
Jessica Christine, Gamma
Andy Weisenfeld, Beta
Lisa Carty, Delta
Natalie Rupp, Theta

Alumni, we need you!

Alumni, please remember that we depend on you--all 10,000--to help support our OTS actives. Please visit Alumni Dues or Charitable Fund to pay your dues and make a gift today. Thank you for your support!

Continuing Education Opportunity for Veterinarians and Students

The Gamma Chapter is holding a continuing education opportunity (six hours) in small animal ophthalmology. Dr. David Wilkie will preside. The event will serve as an excellent opportunity for professional development, as well as a fundraiser for the 2012 Grand Council Meeting, which will be hosted by Gamma Chapter. Click here to visit the event calendar and read more.

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